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Miami Buyer Rebate 



How the Miami Buyer Rebate works...

1. Hire me to be your Miami real estate agent

2. Buy a home (house, townhouse, condominium or new construction)

3. Receive a significant amount of money as a rebate at closing.


In more detail...

Are you're getting ready to buy a home in Miami or South Florida area? I want to be your Miami real estate agent! So much so in fact, that we are willing to share up to 50% of our buyer's broker commission with you as a buyer rebate to have that privilege. 

The commission is offered by the seller, and can vary somewhat from one Miami real estate transaction to the next. However, for the vast majority of properties in Miami and South Florida, the commission offered to the buyer's broker is 3%.  We offer one half of this commission back to you, the buyer as a rebate - it comes directly off your total cost at closing.

As your full-service buyer's representative, we can:

  • Narrow your home search to the most attractive options to meet your buying criteria
  • Show you homes that may meet your needs, while helping you evaluate these properties
  • Aid in determining the right offer price
  • Help you structure your offer to purchase, by formulating the proper terms and conditions
  • Assist in both contract and repair negotiations
  • Provide you with substantial Buyer rebate at closing
  • Aid in the many details of moving your transaction from signed offer to closing 

Buyer's Agent with Commission Rebates

I am a full service Miami real estate agent, who will provide you with exceptional service and I will assist you with your Miami real estate transaction from the beginning searching stage all the way to your successful closing day. And you will receive a substantial buyer rebate equal to 50% of Florida Realty of Miami buyer's broker commission to help you pay for your closing costs at closing.  

If you think this sounds too good to be TRUE or even LEGAL, then check this out:

The Florida Real Estate Commission allows licensees to rebate a portion of their commission to consumers provided the rebate is disclosed to and approved by all parties of the transaction and is reflected on the settlement documents. The sharing of brokerage compensation by a licensee with a party to the real estate transaction with full disclosure to all interested parties is not considered a violation of Chapter 475, Part I, Florida Statutes.

Estimate your Miami Buyer Rebate


  *Based upon Florida Realty of Miami receiving a 3% commission from the seller. 

Lets get started, call me today (786) 587 4654 Julio Hernandez Realtor® Associate, Florida Realty of Miami.

Miami Lower Commission Service for Sellers

Most companies will charge you 6% commission to sell your home. they keep 3% commission and they pay the other real estate agent who brings the buyer 3% commission.

We offer the same services as these companies at a lower price because we work on volume. We charge only 4.5% commission to sell your home . We still pay the other real estate agent who brings the buyer his normal 3% commission, the difference is that we are happy making just 1.5% per sale because we make it up in volume. There is no reason to pay 6% commission.

On a $500,000 sale that is a savings of $7,500 dollars. Do you like throwing away your money for not good reason?

Call me today for a free evaluation of your property. 

(786) 587 4654 Julio Hernandez Realtor® Associate, Florida Realty of Miami.

For Buyers For Sellers
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